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Jeff DeWit





American Flag

Arizona State Treasurer

COO / CFO of Trump 2016


COO of Trump 2020

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From Jeff

 "After a successful business career, I was honored to win the Republican primary and earn the votes of over 1 million Arizonans in the 2014 general election to be the State Treasurer of Arizona, where I fought for hard-working taxpayers and brought transparency and accountability to the finances of our state.

I was then asked by Donald Trump to be the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of his entire campaign in 2016, and I served in those roles to deliver a win with less than half the money and one-eighth of the staff of the Clinton campaign.  President Trump then asked me to serve in his Administration, so I joined him in DC for two years as the CFO of NASA, before returning to be his Chief Operating Officer once again, this time on the 2020 Trump campaign.  On the 2020 campaign I oversaw a ground game that knocked on over a million doors a week, and in combining both campaigns I have overseen over $1 billion in campaign fundraising.  I want to bring this expertise to Arizona to give us a fundraising, ground game, candidate recruitment, media training, and organizational leadership advantage over the Democrats.

The Democrats have already said they are aiming to flip our state legislature blue in 2024, and they only need two seats in the state house and state senate to do it!  This is such an important topic that I implore you to focus on!  They are publicly saying that their top goal is to give Katie Hobbs a Dem majority in the state legislature so that she can implement her entire agenda.  They will drastically raise income taxes, rip out school choice, and enact far-reaching gun laws, among other agenda items which will destroy our economy and the state as we know it.  We must not let this happen!

I have a very successful career, and people ask me why I would step away from that for two years to do this unpaid job. The reason is that we can’t have a 2024 election cycle where we lose our state legislature.  We must have proven, successful leadership in our party right now!  We can’t take any chances in this state chair election.  If done right, we will expand our Republican lead in the state legislature, flip Sinema’s Senate seat red, and deliver Arizona for our Presidential nominee.  I will raise money, register voters, and get out the vote to lead our state party to a successful 2024 election.  I humbly ask for your vote for Chairman."


My 7-Point Plan

1. Election integrity.  Every effort will be made to fight for honest and fair elections, and legislative fixes for the countless chain-of-custody, signature verification, and other issues we have seen.  Everyone reading Kari Lake’s lawsuits is in shock and disgust.  We will work diligently on this issue.  Days after the 2020 election I was embedded with the Trump legal team in Arizona curing ballots and crafting legal challenges.  No candidate is more prepared to fight for election integrity than I am.  Speaking of Kari Lake, she has endorsed me.

2. Drastically improve fundraising.  We need to give our candidates and PCs the resources we need to win.  With the 2016 & 2020 elections combined; I oversaw a digital fundraising operation that raised over $1 billion for the Trump campaign.  I will utilize that experience to implement a digital and large dollar operation that can forever be a huge boost for future party chairs.

3. Overhaul our ground game.  The Dems are knocking on tens of thousands more doors than we are, “chasing” in all the early ballots.  If each of our over 5,000 PCs even only brought in 10 voters that otherwise did not vote, that is over 50,000.  Imagine that combined with a well-funded, well-oiled ground game as well.  If you Google the term “Trump million doors a week” you will see the operation I oversaw as COO.  In addition, we need to massively increase the amount of new Republican voters by implementing a robust voter registration operation throughout the state, and we need to start that IMMEDIATELY in 2023.  We will make Arizona a model for every state GOP as to how to do all this effectively.

4. Bring transparency and trust.  I am the only candidate who has a proven and successful track record in this regard.  I did it as your State Treasurer, I did it as CFO of NASA, and I will do it as your Chairman.

5. Recruit good candidates and help them to be great candidates.  Too often we sit back and wait for good people to decide to run, then hope they know how.  I will engage our LDs to search for good candidates and get them running right away.  We will help with fundraising, signature gathering, media training - every tool a Conservative candidate needs to win.

6. Let Republican voters decide.  I will stay neutral in all primaries, treat each candidate equally and fairly, and utilize every resource at our disposal to help our Republican primary winners go on to win the general election.

7. I will put the Democrats on defense!  They’ve been on offense too long. We have gone from my election in 2014 when Republicans won every statewide office, to the 2022 cycle with more Dem statewide office holders since the 1950s.  We will no longer sit back and play defense while they take our seats.  We will use the infrastructure provided by points 1 through 6 above to put so many Dem seats at risk and stretch their resources so thin that the red wave can’t be stopped or stolen.  Playing offense and putting the Dems on defense is how we win.  I will not let you down. I humbly ask for your vote and a chance to work for you as your state chair. Together we will turn Arizona RED again!



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